Brakes and

Your car's brakes are its most important safety feature, as well as the key piece to keeping it running. ?Unfortunately, this braking system often deteriorates. This is why its very important to check your brakes regularly. When servicing your brakes it is very important to inspect your complete braking system including brake pad, rotors and brake fluid system for any leaks.

Maintenance and Tuning

Maintaining your BMW properly is the key to your vehicles longevity. The Real Mechanic Shop service department is standing by to keep your car running smoothly for years to come. Our highly-trained technicians will maximize your BMW and Mercedes vehicle's performance. All service includes a multi-point vehicle inspection to identify developing problems so you can avoid future breakdowns.

Diagnosing and Programming

We have the complete state-of-the-art factory BMW and Mercedes diagnostic tools and equipment . We can handle any service and diagnosis on your BMW or Mercedes even the newest models. Our technicians use this equipment everyday to accurately and properly diagnose and service all BMW and Mercedes car repairs. Our capabilities are not limited, we can perform the latest software downloads and service all aspects of your car. Saving you huge savings and trips back to the BMW or Mercedes dealer.